The Walking Dead #109 Review

The Walking Dead #109 Review

In The Walking Dead #109, Jesus is rounding up troops from the Hilltop.

The Walking Dead #109

Maggie is making a new life for herself at the Hilltop. She’s meeting some new friends, but fitting in hasn’t been entirely easy.  To her surprise, Jesus shows up in her apartment and tells her that Rick is finally going after Glenn’s murderer, Negan.  He tells her about who she can trust and introduces her around to others that will help keep her safe.  One of the men that Jesus recommends Maggie stay close to is a watchman on the wall named Kal, but after Jesus talls him of the plan to attack Negan, Kal’s later found to be not where Jesus believes him to be causing Jesus to realize he’s made a horrible mistake.

“I’m looking forward to next month already!”

This issue is something we see a lot in this series and from Robert Kirkman in general.  I like to call it the foundation issue.  It’s the first issue of a new arc.  Not a great deal is really happening yet.  It’s not much different than placing chess pieces into strategic positions and setting the stage for the more important moves to take place later.  In almost every first issue of an arc from The Walking Dead, we have this exact set up.  It’s the Kirkman formula that we’ve grown to love and appreciate.  It’s not a negative thing.  Kirkman places his chess pieces very well.  These types of issues are almost like giving a gentle shove to a boulder before it starts rolling down hill and creating havoc.

What does make this issue a little more exciting than being the typical first part of an arc is that I can’t really honestly say for certain what I can expect from this battle with Negan.  We all knew the battle with the Governor was going to be a bloodbath.  There was no way it was going to end pleasantly.  It was almost as if that battle served as a way to scrub off some the cast that was bursting at the seams.  Now, the main cast isn’t quite that large.  It’s not like the cast has grown so big that it needs to be cleansed by a big ol’ fight, but you know what…  There were an awful lot of smiles in the people around Rick.  Michonne was talking about wanting to hang up her sword and escape this constant battle for survival.  These all tend to prove to be horrible signs of people dying.  Horribly.  We also know there are some wildcards out there like Kal or Spencer.  Even Gregory is suspiciously weak and creepy.  How much blood will be spilled?  If Rick is able to cut off Negan’s head, what about the rest of his gang?  Will an even worse person step into his role?

Leave it to Kirkman to make us ask these questions with the start of each new arc.  I’m looking forward to next month already!


Pros Cons
Kirkman forces us to ask enough questions that we are bought in for yet another arc. Charlie Adlard’s art is as strong as always. Not a great deal of Rick, and not a terribly exciting issue, but this is just the start of a new arc.


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