Uncanny Avengers #6 Review

Uncanny Avengers #6 Review

Thor has words with Apocalypse in Uncanny Avengers #6!

Uncanny Avengers #6

A thousand years ago, Thor is a shallow and youthful god of thunder.  He tends to hang out on Earth quite a bit drinking and fighting with the mortals.  In walks Apocalypse who’s been dropped into this time frame by Kang to wipe out some of the Avengers’ ancestors.  Thor barely manages to escape being killed in this first encounter.  When Odin refuses to help Thor defeat Apocalypse, it’s Loki (Kang in disguise) who gives Thor the upper hand needed to strike back.  In England, Apocalypse’s horsemen attack Folkbern Logan, but when Thor arrives he’s able to kill the horsemen and beat back Apocalypse.  Odin warns that be it tomorrow or a thousand years from now, Thor’s actions will come back to haunt him.

“Fun and action packed.”

Rick Remender returns to Apocalypse with Uncanny Avengers.  We saw the Apocalypse Twins born and subsequently kidnapped by Kang last issue and now we see that Kang might just be pulling some strings for his own ends.  What’s likely to hit you right in the face as soon as you get about, oh, six pages into this book is that this is essentially a Thor story.  Even more, we’re kinda seeing that same young Thor that Jason Aaron has been playing with in the main Thor book.  Of all the characters since Marvel NOW! has really begun, it’s Thor that seems to have grown into a real lead role.  It’s not that Thor couldn’t ever be considered an A-List player in the Marvel U., but what we’ve seen recently has been a renewal of just how popular this character could be and just how important he is in the fabric of Marvel’s diverse characters.

What I’ve really enjoyed about the Thor character in this new era of Marvel has been seeing him as this young, shallow god who seems to be driven more by drink, women, and conquest instead of what we know of him in the present.  This is definitely prior to him learning from his mistakes.  This is the petulant child that Odin seems to like calling his son.  In a lot of ways, this is the Thor we saw at the beginning of his movie.  He’s too proud for his own good.  He likes to strike out in vengeance instead of tempering his anger.  He believes what he’s doing is for the good of all when it’s really only to sate his own blood lust.  It’s a character I’d like to see more of in the future.  Obviously, it’s not for an Avengers title like this (though one issue here and there is fine by me if it’s an engaging enough story), but why not have whole arcs in Thor or in Journey Into Mystery devoted to this young god.  Let’s see him grow and learn from those youthful days into the hero we know.

This is most definitely a fun issue.  It’s action packed, and Daniel Acuña’s art is really beautiful and fitting for the story.  The use of the younger Thor character is quickly  becoming one of my more favorite things to see in comics over these last six months.  Seeing Kang in both his regular guise and as Rama-Tut is always a treat.  However, this issue isn’t perfect.  Which Apocalypse are we seeing in this issue?  Has Kang plucked him in some way out of the time line, or is he a grown up version of one of the twins?  It seems unlikely that if this is truly Apocalypse that we’ve always known that he’s not aware of who Thor is or who Wolverine is.  Speaking of Wolverine, isn’t his real last name Howlett?  Is there something I’m missing in terms of Wolverine’s bloodline that I’m not aware of?  I thought it had been determined that Wolvie isn’t truly a Logan, so seeing his ancestor look just like him with the name of Logan is a tad confusing to me.  (Though I did love the line about being the finest at what he chooses to do.  That was well played.)

That being said, this is still a fun read.  It’s got enough good action and good characterization to carry the book despite the questions I have about some of those characters.  If you’ve enjoyed the Thor series, then you’ll really like this issue.  If you’ve been a little on the fence with this series, it might pose some issues for you.


Pros Cons
Fun and action packed. The young Thor is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine. Acuña’s art is gorgeous. Despite good use of characters, there were a lot of questions I had about Apocalypse and the ancestral Logan that really distracted me.



  1. Pedro says:



    At the end of the ish, Kang visits the tomb of Baron Mordo to retrieve the same ax that Thor used to kill Apocalypse (Jarnbjorn). I am not familiar with Baron Mordo at all, is this something that Remender used from earlier continuity or something he has conjured from scratch? Just wasn’t sure if I was missing something.


  2. Lea says:

    I thought he was proven not to be a Howlett but a Logan. I believe that was explained most recently in Wolverine and the X-Men with his half brother Dog Logan trying to prove that he is better than him in the Savage Land.

  3. Marcus Strong 85 says:



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